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Wednesday, 26 July 2017 10:46

LFL 2017: Week 15

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The Chicago Bliss (3-0) went on the road to play the Omaha Heart (1-3) in Week 15 of the LFL 2017 season in what was the regular season finale for the Heart. As expected, the Bliss scored early and often on the way to a 60-0 victory over an overmatched Omaha squad that played like they were just trying to get to the end of the season.

Chicago and Denver (0-3) will meet in Week 16 to close out their regular season schedules heading in different directions. The Bliss are heading to another conference title game while the Dream come in to the contest having been outscored 297-6 in their inaugural season, including a Bliss 87-point win, 93-6, back in Week 3.

The Chicago and Denver matchup is part of a LFL schedule that has raised questions from many this season, including why would the Bliss, and Eastern Conference team, play the Dream, a Western Conference team, twice in the season while not playing each of their conference rivals (Chicago and Pittsburgh, both members of the East, were not scheduled to play this season)? The same thing occurred in the West where Denver and Austin (0-4) did not meet, but the Acoustic played Seattle (4-0) twice.

Accusations of schedule rigging that gave Seattle and Chicago easy paths to the conference championship games were voiced by many. The on-field results have also led to much discussion about the standard practice of the league dropping and adding franchises every off season.

Of the 14 LFL games this season, only two had a victory margin of less than 10-points (21-20, 34-27) with one other having a margin of 20-points (46-26). The remaining 11 games were blowouts that saw margins of 23, 87, 35, 73, 106, 36, 28, 98, 28, 56, and 60 points. The average winning margin for the 2017 season stands at 45 points.

Conference Standings


Chicago Bliss (3-0)

Atlanta Steam (2-1)

Omaha Heart (1-3)

Pittsburgh Rebellion (1-3)


Seattle Mist (4-0)

Los Angeles Temptation (3-0)

Denver Dream (0-4)

Austin Acoustic (0-4)

Week 16 Game Preview

Denver @ Chicago

Look for the Bliss to blowout the Dream for the second time this season. Chicago may not score 93 as they did in Week 3 because they will be looking to avoid injuries with an eye toward the conference title game, but this will not be a competitive contest.

Weekly Results

Week 1: Seattle Mist (46) @ Austin Acoustics (26)

Week 2: Pittsburgh Rebellion (9) @ Omaha Heart (32)

Week 3: Chicago Bliss (93) @ Denver Dream (6)

Week 4: Atlanta Steam (56) @ Pittsburgh (21)

Week 5: Omaha Heart (6) @ Los Angeles Temptation (79)

Week 6: Denver Dream (0) @ Seattle Mist (106)

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: Atlanta Steam (27) @ Chicago Bliss (34)

Week 9: Omaha Heart (20) @Pittsburgh Rebellion (21)

Week 10: Austin Acoustic (31) @ Atlanta Steam (67)

Week 11: Los Angeles Temptation (56) @Austin Acoustic (28)

Week 12: Seattle Mist (98) @ Denver Dream (0)

Week 13: Pittsburgh Rebellion (6) @Los Angeles Temptation (34)

Week 14: Austin Acoustic (6) @Seattle Mist (62)

Week 15: Chicago Bliss (60) @Omaha Heart (0)

Week 16: Denver Dream @ Chicago Bliss

Week 17: Los Angeles Temptation @ Atlanta Steam

Week 18: Conference Championships

Week 19: Legends Cup 2017

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