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Steam Brittney Demery 1 GSR

Brittney Demery has been named as the No. 1 RB by Steam head coach Dane Robinson for the 2016 season. Image courtesy Tony Villatoro/Toro Photo.

The most recent Atlanta Steam depth chart, released by head coach Dane Robinson on Monday, reflects evaluations following the weekend minicamp. The chart, the second released for the 2016 season, has few changes from the first. While the practices did much to solidify some positions there are battles at tight end on the offensive side of the ball as well as defensive end (L), cornerback (L and R), and free safety on the defensive side. 

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Santia Deck is one of the rookies taking part in the Steam preseason mini-camps that has been named by head coach Dane Robinson as a potential "impact player" in the LFL.


The Atlanta Steam are preparing for their fourth LFL season with a series of mini-camps ahead of opening day that include an unusual number of new faces. The combination of Steam veterans retiring and the new free agent system has opened the door for newcomers to fill almost half of the 2016 active roster.

This is the first of two articles that introduces rookies that have a real opportunity to wear the black and red this season. Arryana Barton, Brianna Brown, Santia Deck, and Danielle DiCaterino are the subjects of the first of the two articles.

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Steam newcomers hold down the No. 1 spot in four of 14 starting positions, including running back, in the first Atlanta Steam depth chart for the 2016 season released on Wednesday by third-year head coach Dane Robinson. First-year Steam members also hold down starting slots at wide receiver, cornerback, and defensive end following the first of several preseason minicamps.

AS MC1 4

All images that accompany this article are courtesy Tony Villatoro/Toro Photo.

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LFL Amanda-Ruller GSR

Amanda Ruller (16) joins Atlanta after spending time with Los Angeles and is one of those competing for the starting running back job.

The Atlanta Steam opened their 2016 Legends Football League (LFL) preseason camp with 19 league veterans, 12 of which are returning Steam players, and 21 rookies trying to earn a spot on the 20-player active roster. The talent and experience assembled is the deepest fielded in the four-year history of the franchise and guarantees heated competition for the starting nod at a number of positions.

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GSR Cover

Atlanta is one of four LFL teams that hosted open tryouts in December that saw nearly 300 athletes audition for an invitation to training camp. The remaining tryouts are set for January.        

The Legends Football League, also known as the Lingerie Football League, held open tryouts in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta on Saturday, December 12 and results suggest that the 2016 season will be one of the most competitive in the history of the LFL.

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A Steam OPener 2015

The Steam team that meets at midfield ahead of the 2016 season opener will look very different than the one that gathered ahead of the 2015 season opener.

After announcing the newest franchise to join the league on Tuesday (New England Liberty), the Legends Football League released their 2016 schedule on Wednesday, revealing opening night is set for Saturday, April 9 with the Austin Acoustic and Seattle Mist meeting.

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AS D Hughes1

Steam QB Dakota Hughes is one of seven Atlanta players that will be plaing in the LFL ALl-Fantasy Game.

The Atlanta Steam will be represented by seven players in the Legends Football League All-Fantasy Game after four additional players were named to join QB Dakota Hughes, SS Adrian Purnell and FS Lauran Ziegler, announced as starters in October, as Eastern Conference members.

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DH 2

The image of Dakota Hughes as a beautiful woman often overides the perception of her ability as a QB in the LFL, but a recent SI article goes a long way to help change the focus. Images courtesy Mike Delrio. 

The Atlanta Steam was the focus of a recent article published on that took an honest look at the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) and what athletes go through to play the game they love in front of thousands of fans. Steam quarterback Dakota “Gunslinger” Hughes was the player that garnered the most attention-not surprising for a QB on any team.

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